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Montessori Teaching Philosophy

What is Montessori?

Montessori is a teaching method created in the early 1900's by Doctor Maria Montessori, the first woman in Italy to become a physician. During her scientific research, she discovered that children between the ages of 0-6 have a greater ability to learn with less conscious effort than when they are older. Dr. Maria Montessori called this the "sensitive period". Because the brain is still developing in the early years and because children have a natural curiosity and love of learning, Maria Montessori believed that what you introduce to children at this age, could help build on their internal intelligences for the future. So she designed her materials around this discovery. Today, you will find many published articles stating the importance of early brain development.

The distinguishing feature of a Montessori education is that the children are free to learn at their own pace and more importantly at their own level through their discoveries of the world around them. In a Montessori classroom, you will find activities that range in academic levels. So, when one child may be just discovering the alphabet sounds, another child is learning to read. The children will be guided by the teacher through presentations and then the child will be free to discover. An important aspect of a Montessori teacher is to never correct a child, rather, let them discover. The materials and activities are self-correcting, allowing the child to gain confidence and learn on their own. This will give the children an ability to increase their attention span and focusing skills while developing their critical thinking abilities, one of the core goals of Dr. Maria Montessori's educational philosophy.

Today, Montessori education is found worldwide spanning from birth to adolescence. Public schools throughout Canada now offer Montessori curriculum options. See School District 43's list of Montessori schools in your area.

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What will the classroom look like?

Dr. Maria Montessori designed children's equipment and activities to be manipulative and self-correcting. They are usually made of wood and other natural elements. A true Montessori classroom will only have Montessori designed equipment and materials which will entice the children to learn through their own discovery and play.

At Tri-City Community Montessori, you will find only Montessori designed and Montessori inspired equipment and materials. The children will be introduced to an abundance of opportunities to develop their own individual learning styles. They will be invited to discover, through a series of activities that are sequential, manipulative and sensorial. All of the equipment and activities are fun and exciting, while remaining highly educational. Our classroom remains environmentally sensitive which means that the materials and equipment are usually made from wood, glass or natural elements rather than soft plastics or vinyl. We welcome you to view the classroom and meet with the teachers and experience the Montessori environment.

Why choose "Tri-City Community Montessori?"

Selecting an appropriate preschool for your child is one of the most important educational decisions you will make as a parent. By acquainting yourself with the types of programs in your community, you can make a more informed decision.

At Tri-City Community Montessori, we recognize the importance of all educational philosophies and therefore designed our Montessori program for today's child. Our goal is to prepare your child for the school years ahead. We are passionate about Early Childhood Education and are dedicated to your child's development.

We adhere to the Montessori Philosophy while creating a fun and exciting environment. Your child will be introduced to all our curriculum areas. In addition we introduce pre-printing and pre-reading programs, science experiments, a professional music program and specialized physical activities featuring a "Tumblebus" and Yoga classes.

Your child will be encouraged to choose their "work" and be able to discover at their own pace. The goal is to create a love of learning through their accomplishments and successes within the classroom. This is achieved through gentle positive encouragement and freedom to explore. Along with this child-centered approach, our program introduces boundaries, manners, and structure, which will help prepare your child for what will be expected of them in grade school.

After learning about the different programs available, we hope you can decide with confidence, if our Montessori Program best suits your child's needs and goals for their future. Please contact us if you have any questions.