Montessori Day School in Port Moody
(Group childcare 30 mos. to school age)
(604) 461-7505


Our Progressive Montessori Curriculum includes:

  • Practical Life Exercises - Develops fine motor skills for pencil grip and increases attention span
  • Sensorial Activities - Promotes the use of the 5 senses for critical thinking, organization, and focussing skills
  • Whole Language - Phonics, Pre-Reading, Printing, and Creative Writing
  • Mathematics - Concrete & Abstract Exercises
  • Humanities - Culture, Environment, and Geography
  • Sciences - Botany, Zoology, and Chemistry
  • Water Works - Science & Sensorial Play with water
  • Arts and Crafts - Fine and Creative Arts
  • Music - Mr. I's Musical Rainbow Program
  • Physical Activities - Children's Yoga, Tumble mats & Daily Outdoor activities (included). We also have a Fun Gym Bus event once per month (extra cost). For more information click the link

School Opens
(Gradual Entry Hours)
Wednesday, September 4th (Opened)
Thanksgiving DayMonday, October 14th (Closed)
Remembrance DayMonday, November 11th (Closed)
Christmas Vacation
(2 weeks)
Dec. 23rd thru Jan. 3rd (Closed)
School Re-opensMonday, January 6th (Opened)
Family DayMonday, February 17th (Closed)
Spring Break
(1 week only)
Mar. 16th thru Mar. 20th (Closed)
School Re-opensMonday, March 23rd (Opened)
Good FridayFriday, April 10th (Closed)
Easter MondayMonday, April 13th (Closed)
Victoria DayMonday, May 18th (Closed)
Last Day of school
(Closing ceremonies)
Tuesday, June 23rd (Opened)
Please note additional events to be confirmed:
Christmas RecitalDec. 19th (To be confirmed)
Year End BBQJune 12th or 19th (To be confirmed)
Parent/Teacher MeetingsTenatively Friday afternoons in December and June